Pawan Kalyan to finally kick-start a political tour

Monday, November 30th, 2020, 06:54:38 AM IST

JanaSenani Pawan Kalyan is set to kick-start a massive political tour after a really long time. He will be touring flood-hit areas in Andhra Pradesh.

JanaSena released an official statement, saying that Pawan Kalyan will tour the areas that were severely impacted due to the recent Nivar cyclone.

This is Pawan Kalyan’s first political tour since the imposition of lockdown and it has packed a whole lot of prominence.

Reportedly, Pawan Kalyan will be kick-starting this tour on the 2nd of November and he will be meeting with farmers who sustained losses due to the cyclone.

Pawan Kalyan commented that the government of Andhra Pradesh miserably failed in alerting the common public and that is the reason why the cyclone left irreparable losses.

It remains to be seen if BJP forces will join Pawan Kalyan in this political tour.