Pro-TDP media house says Jagan will win as CM in 2024

Monday, April 26th, 2021, 06:59:48 AM IST


In what could be considered as an interesting development, a noted pro-TDP media house, led by a person very close to Chandrababu Naidu, said YS Jagan will be voted to power in 2024 as well.

A report from this media house read Jagan will certainly continue to be the chief minister post 2024 elections as well.

But there is a catch here. This report says Jagan is using fake votes to win the election and he will be doing the same in 2024 as well.

Well, this pro-TDP media house has a clear idea that Jagan will stay in power till 2029. But just for the sake of accusing Jagan of foul play, they have started this fake votes drama.

Jagan’s YCP is the clear cut favourite to win the Tirupati by-election as well. A massive defeat here could mark the end of TDP which many believe is already a gone case in Andhra Pradesh.