Pro-TDP media starts supporting YS Sharmila

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021, 07:34:20 PM IST

For some strange reason, pro-TDP media has started supporting YS Sharmila who has announced she would be turning proactive in Telangana politics.

A noted pro-TDP media house is giving extensive coverage to Sharmila of late and is also commenting that she will have a great impact on Telangana politics.

No one expected this well-established media house which aligns with the political interests of TDP chief Chandrababu to take Sharmila’s side in Telangana politics.

Sharmila is set to announce the name of her party on 9th of April and is even planning to hold a mega political event with more than 1 lakh people on the same day.

While a few say Sharmila will have very little to no impact on Telangana politics, a few political analysts say she is the next big thing here.

The likes of Revanth Reddy, Gangula Kamalakar Reddy have written off Sharmila, saying she is a politician from Andhra Pradesh and the people of Telangana will not side with her.