Pro-TDP media’s master strategy for Jagan, and Lokesh

Monday, March 8th, 2021, 10:35:11 PM IST

Today marks international women’s day and pro-TDP media is making the most of the opportunity and slinging mud on the YCP government. Since morning, pro-TDP media has been extensively reporting about Amaravati movement and highlighting the women who are taking part in it.

The visuals that are being used for this program are disturbing as we see police manhandling women who are taking part in Amaravati movement. It is unclear if these videos are from Andhra Pradesh are somewhere else.

Also, a section of media has been targeting Jagan and even claiming that the YCP chief might dissolve the assembly if the party loses municipal elections. These strange claims are trending on social media.

On the other hand, pro-TDP has been extensively promoting Nara Lokesh. His public meetings are getting more coverage than they ever did. Moreover, Lokesh is being promoted as the next big thing in Andhra Pradesh politics which is a debatable topic.

Well, it needs to be said that pro-TDP media has come up with a master strategy for both Jagan and Lokesh, but their approach is vastly different.