Prudhvi Raj takes a huge dig at the Telugu Film Industry

Friday, August 16th, 2019, 12:53:47 AM IST

Actor turned politician and SVBC Chairman Prudhvi Raj responded to actor Rajendra Prasad’s comments and sent out a strong message to all of the industry.

During his visit to TTD, senior actor Rajendra Prasad was asked why no one from the film industry has personally met the new CM. “There is no hurry. The CM needs time to settle down. Besides, people with business interests would want to meet the CM not artists like us.”

Responding to theses statements, the YCP leader stated that the film industry is keeping CM Jagan at bay even after knowing his father YS Rajasekhar’s contribution to the industry. “If Chandra Babu became CM, everyone from the industry would have personally felicitated,” said Prudhvi Raj.

He also warned the industry folk that severe action would be taken against those who speak ill of the YCP Chief.

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