Revanth Reddy’s direct challenge to Sharmila

Sunday, February 28th, 2021, 09:37:16 PM IST

Telangana Congress firebrand leader Revanth Reddy challenged YS Sharmila to prove her Telangana identity and even made some hard-hitting comments on the latter.

“While the Telangana movement was at its peak, YS Jagan and his sister, Sharmila went on a walkathon, opposing the bifurcation of state. A total of 1200 Telangana people lost their lives in the movement. Sharmila should first apologize to those 1200 families even before speaking about Telangana,” he said.

Revanth Reddy went on to say that Sharmila’s brother and the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh YS Jagan is constructing many water projects at Krishna river catchment area, which would directly affect Telangana’s water resources.

The firebrand leader added that the people of Telangana do love YSR but they will never trust Rayalaseema leaders, who were against the Telangana movement.

Sharmila has been promoting herself as a Telangana leader for the past few weeks. It remains to be seen if she will react to Revanth Reddy’s comments now.