RGV targets PK again; Will Pawan react?

Sunday, June 9th, 2019, 12:27:17 PM IST

Janasena cheif Pawan Kalyan’s latest statement on his defeat in the recently held general elections has gone viral all over. Pawan alleged that close to 150 crores were spent by his opponents in the Bhimavaram constituency to defeat him.

Responding to Pawan’s statement, noted director RGV took to Twitter and wrote: “PK saying he lost becos 150cr given to voters is a real insult to voters bcos he’s saying people who he wants to serve r corrupt.If voters wanted him they could take money from othrs nd still voted him.If PK also has to give money for votes what’s point in being PK? Just asking”.

Will Pawan react to RGV’s Tweet or not remains to be seen.