Sakshi says Pawan Kalyan criticized BJP

Saturday, January 23rd, 2021, 01:54:17 AM IST

Pro-YCP media house, Sakshi has reported that Pawan Kalyan criticized the BJP high command for its double standards.

As per Sakshi, Pawan Kalyan said, “BJP high command is belittling Janasena and that is not the right way to treat its allies. While BJP’s central high command says one thing, the state-level leaders says another. There is no consistency in their political stands.”

Sakshi is projecting that there is an internal brawl between Janasena and its ally BJP.

Well, neither BJP not Janasena have commented in this regard, but Sakshi reported about the same.

Meanwhile, there are reports that Pawan Kalyan wants to field Janasena candidate in the forthcoming Tirupati by-election while BJP wants to field its own candidate.

Speaking with media today, Pawan Kalyan said BJP-Janasena candidate for Tirupati by-election would be announced in a week or two.