SC cancels sedition case against Journalist

Friday, June 4th, 2021, 03:02:03 AM IST

A sedition case was filed against Himachal Pradesh journalist Vinod Dua, by a BJP member. In the FIR, it is stated that Dua has caused a state of public unrest by defaming the Central government and by passing non-factual statements.

Vinod Dua, a senior journalist, went to the Supreme Court, opposing the FIR, and requesting “exemplary damages for harassment”. He also requested the SC to give immunity to journalists working for over 10 years, against any FIRs filed against them, unless cleared by a High Court judge.

The SC dismissed Dua’s request but said that every journalist of the country is entitled to protection according to the 1962 judgement passed by Kedar Nath Singh. According to the judgement, “mere strong words used to express disapprobation of the measures of the government with a view to their improvement or alteration by lawful means” is not sedition.