Schools to reopen in AP from July 13, is it safe?

Tuesday, July 7th, 2020, 01:04:10 PM IST

The government of Andhra Pradesh has announced that all the schools in the state would be reopening from July 13th. The initial plan was to reopen the schools from August 3rd, but the state has advanced the date for unknown reasons.

All the primary school students are said to have one class per week, while upper primary and higher secondary school students will be having two classes in a week.

All the headmasters and teachers have been instructed to update the registration of all the students on or before July 10th. Bridge courses have also been prepared for all students, so that they are engaged when there are no classes.

However, for students to be attending school even once a week during these perilous times is a huge risk. Despite all sorts of precautions, it is still very risky to send children to schools, while Coronavirus is still at large in the country.