Sharmila’s comments irking YSR fans?

Thursday, February 25th, 2021, 01:36:14 PM IST

Speaking with media yesterday, YS Sharmila said the media people should ask Jagan why he did not give her a prominent position in Andhra Pradesh government. The young politician said she is ready to come up against Jagan when it comes to Telangana politics.

“My political interests differ with those of Jagan’s. He asked me not to set up a party in Telangana but it is my personal choice. I will be announcing the party name very soon,” she said.

Sharmila went on to say that there is no personal rivalry with Jagan.

“I am still the loving sister of Jagan and there will be no change in that. But I am here to take up Telangana politics no matter what the consequences are,” she said.

Sharmila’s provocative comments on Jagan are leaving YSR fans in a state of dilemma. They are not able to understand the true intentions of Sharmila and the exact reason behind her sudden interest in Telangana politics.