Shocking: Janasena’s strong candidate turns against party before leaving

Saturday, December 14th, 2019, 12:23:57 AM IST

In a sudden turn of events, Janasena’s crucial leader Raju Ravitej withdrew from the party abruptly. He also wrote a strongly worded letter against the happenings in the party along with his resignation.

Once a strong supporter of the party, Raju firmly announced that he wishes to never work with Pawan Kalyan or his party again. “He has become a dangerous divisive force driven by vindictiveness and caste and religious hate,” he wrote referring to the Janasena Chief.

Looks like things are not going very well in the party with rumours about Janasena’s only MLA Rapaka Vara Prasad Rao’s switching to YCP. It turned worse after the MLA openly indicated his unwillingness to work with the party.