TDP firebrand campaigns for Janasena candidate

Sunday, March 7th, 2021, 06:00:38 PM IST

In what could be considered as a strange development of sorts, Telugu Desam Party firebrand leader Chinthamaneni Prabhakar campaigned for Janasena leader in his constituency.

Going into the story, Prabhakar surprised politicians observers by coming out to campaign for Janasena candidate named Sivanarayana. He asked the public to vote for Janasena candidate in the forthcoming municipal elections.

“If TDP doesn’t field its candidate in any of the divisions, I urge the voters to pick Janasena candidate. If you don’t find Cycle(TDP symbol) in the ballot, then immediately cast your vote on Glass(Janasena) symbol. I want the people in this division to vote for Janasena candidate Sivanarayana,” he said.

Interestingly enough, the crowd around Chinthamaneni Prabhakar were seen wearing TDP and Janasena towels on their shoulders.

The fact that a seasoned TDP leader is campaigning for Janasena candidate is turning many heads.

Andhra Pradesh municipal elections are set to be held on 10th of this month and these results will be closely monitored by the political circles in the state.