TDP: Jagan should warn Kodali Nani

Monday, November 18th, 2019, 12:00:56 AM IST

TDP State President Kala Venkatrao took a dig at YCP leader Kodali Nani for making hurtful comments about TTD’s traditions. He stated that CM Jagan should warn his party member from making such comments.

Speaking to the media, the TDP leader said, “It has been a rule of TTD to register the names of visitors of other religions. Kodali Nani has questioned the tradition and made sensitive comments against it. These comments have hurt the beliefs of Hindus. CM Jagan should warn and admonish his party members against such comments.”

Kala also slammed rebel leader Vallabhaneni Vamsi for using obscene words against TDP leader Rajendra Prasad while he was on the Ayyapa Mala Deeksha. He termed it shameful and unethical of Vallabhaneni.