TDP MP ready to join BJP?

Tuesday, June 4th, 2019, 10:30:40 AM IST

One of three TDP MPs, Kesineni Nani is apparently unhappy with the party high command for neglecting him.

Nani expected Parliamentary member post from Chandrababu, but that did not happen as the later picked Galla Jayadev for the post. On the other hand, Rammohan Naidu bagged TDP Lok Sabha representative post and that seems to have irked Nani.

Nani did not even attend Chandrababu’s Iftar ceremony that was held in his home constituency, Vijayawada yesterday.

It is said that Nani is in touch with BJP bigwigs and might switch loyalties if he gets positive signals from the party hierarchy. He is presently in contact with BJP senior leader Nithin Gadkari.

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