TDP rebel MLA: 4 more TDP MLAs are ready to join YCP

Thursday, September 24th, 2020, 03:00:40 AM IST

Telugu Desam Party rebel MLA Vasupalli Ganesh made a sensational comment about the current political scenario in Andhra Pradesh.

“I feel bad for even being a part of Telugu Desam Party all teh while. I never said I was against Vizag being projected as the executive capital, but TDP extensively campaigned that I was against this proposal. I am happy to leave TDP and join YCP,” he said.

Ganesh went on to say that 4 more TDP MLAs are ready to follow his tracks and join in YSRCP in the near future. However, he did not reveal the names of these 4 MLAs.

Well, TDP presently has 19 MLAs on its side after Vallabhaneni Vamsi, Karanam Balaram, Maddali Giri, and Vasupalli Ganesh left the party. Losing 4 more MLAs will leave the party with 15 MLA seats and it would lose the opposition party status.

It remains to be seen if 4 of TDP MLAs are really willing to leave the party and join in the ruling party YSRC in the coming days.