TDP to join hands with Congress again?

Friday, April 23rd, 2021, 06:58:42 AM IST

It is known that Telugu Desam Party and Congress jointly contested in the 2018 general elections in Telangana. These parties faced a humiliating defeat and TRE retained power.

Congress severed ties with TDP after the election and these parties parted ways.

But the latest reports suggest that TDP and Congress might be joining hands again. But this time for Telangana municipal elections rather than MLA and MP elections.

Telangana municipal elections will be held soon and Congress is currently in talks with TDP and CPI for a potential collaboration.

Congress wants to join forces with TDP which is struggling to hold its ground in Telangana.

A few Congress senior leaders are orchestrating this political alliance and even Chandrababu Naidu is involved in the same. The decision on alliance will be taken in the near future