TDP to lose another key leader very soon

Monday, August 19th, 2019, 01:02:51 PM IST

Telugu Desam Party senior leader Adinarayana Reddy has been a strong driving force for the party in Kadapa district. However, he faced a humiliating defeat in the recent election as YCP swept all 10 assembly constituencies in the district.

The latest news is that Adinarayana Reddy met with BJP national president JP Nadda yesterday and he might be leaving TDP very soon to join in the saffron party.

YCP has become an unstoppable Force in Kadapa and Adinarayana Reddy is opining that continuing with TDP is not a wise idea, hence the party switch, say sources.

It needs to be noted that TDP won just three MLA seats out of the total 52 in Rayalaseema region. The party might lose more senior leaders to BJP and YCP in the near future.

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