TDP’s debacle: Chandrababu still doesn’t know the reason

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019, 10:05:04 PM IST

The Telugu Desam Party managed to bag just 23 out of the total 175 MLA seats in Andhra Pradesh and the party leaders are yet to recover from this debacle.

Interestingly enough, even Chandrababu seems to be in confusion regarding this.

“I built Polavaram project, developed capital region, and bought Kia motors to Andhra Pradesh, but still the voters didn’t pick me. I seriously don’t know the reason behind this,” Naidu said at a recent public meeting.

Chandrababu and other TDP senior leaders are putting in their best efforts to rejuvenate the party and keep hold of the cadre. On the other hand, BJP is trying to further weaken TDP by inviting the key leaders in the party to join the saffron wagon.

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