Telangana BJP strongly objects new Secretariat

Friday, August 7th, 2020, 05:24:57 PM IST

The Telangana BJP has raised strong objections to the new design of the Secretariat that is to be built in place of the old one. The demolition of the old one was started on July 7th, following the High Court’s approval.

The Telangana BJP spokesperson, K. Krishna Saagar Rao has said that the new design resembles a mosque, rather than a secretariat. He also said that the opposition parties were not consulted in approving the design.

The design was approved by the Cabinet on Wednesday, and was released to the public after that.

K. Krishna Saagar Rao also questioned why the CM was going 500 years backwards, when it came to the design of the Secretariat, which resembles Nizam architecture.