TRS MLA asks KCR to make KTR the CM

Saturday, August 15th, 2020, 07:42:45 PM IST

TRS Bodhan constituency MLA Shakeel made a very interesting comment while speaking about the possibility of appointing KTR as the new chief minister of Telangana.

“I humbly request KCR to appoint KTR as the new chief minister of Telangana. He is a young and dynamic leader who has the capability to lead the state,” he said.

Shakeel further added that KTR has all the necessary qualities to be the new chief minister of the state.

Shakeel’s comments have attained great prominence now and many TRS bigwigs are speaking about the same.

Well, there are multiple reports that KTR will be appointed as the chief minister of Telangana soon. Yesterday, KTR held a cabinet meeting and KCR did not take part in the same. This might be a direct indication that the next-gen leader might be taking charge sooner or later.