Vangaveeti Radha keeps Janasena waiting

Friday, November 15th, 2019, 03:00:49 AM IST

Prior to Andhra Pradesh election, Vangaveeti Radha left YSRCP and joined in Telugu Desam Party. This move backfired big time as TDP faced a humiliating defeat while YCP won by a landslide margin.

After the election, Radha met with Pawan Kalyan twice and it was said that he would join in Janasena.

Radha is one of the most influential Kapu community leaders in Andhra Pradesh and Janasena forces were hopeful that they would be strengthened with his addition.

However, Radha is still reluctant to make the party switch. He is staying away from Telugu Desam Party activities for now, but he is yet to take the final call regarding his political future.

Radha cannot get back into YCP as he had severely criticized YS Jagan ahead of the election. He will have to either continue with TDP or join Janasena.

Radha is keeping Janasena waiting and he will have to make an official announcement sooner or later. It would be interesting to see how he will react in this crux situation.