Vangaveeti Radha to join Janasena?

Thursday, August 13th, 2020, 03:00:57 AM IST

Vangaveeti Radha left YCP just ahead of 2019 election and joined TDP. However, he was not given the MLA ticket in the yellow party and he has been staying away from the party after results came out.

Now, rumors are rife that Radha might be joining in Janasena sooner or later.

Radha had already met with Pawan Kalyan a while back and discussed the possibility of him joining the party. He received a positive signal from Pawan Kalyan and is eager to join Janasena, say reports.

Janasena is presently in alliance with BJP and the two parties are expected to gain some ground ahead of the next election. So, Vanga is hoping he can turn key leader in Janasena if he joins the party now itself.

Radha is one of the key leader hailing from Kapu community and he is an influential leader in Vijayawada region. His addition can be of great help to Janasena.