We Are Not Scared Of Modi

Tuesday, January 14th, 2020, 08:00:17 PM IST

Ahead of the municipal elections, all hell is breaking loose in the state of Telangana. On the one hand, there’s parties contesting against parties rigorously, and on the other hand, there’s new propagandas by leaders every single day.

In a latest propagandist mission, TRS’s working President KTR conducted a meeting with all the social media activists of the party. He said that it was his aim to counter any and all opposition party propagandas against them. He added that he was confident that opposition parties will release fake news and try to bring down TRS, but was confident that the people of Telangana would believe in the truth.

KTR said that TRS would strive for the welfare of the state and its people, no matter what anyone else says, and said that the party wasn’t scared of BJP and Modi, or Congress and Rahul Gandhi. He also said that there aren’t any BJP leaders in the municipal polls and that there was no way that they would be scared of such a party. Furthermore, he added that people would really see the spirit of TRS in these elections.