What about this year’s Khairatabad Ganesh?

Friday, July 3rd, 2020, 04:59:30 PM IST

Every year, Hyderabad’s Khairatabad Ganesh idol is a sight to behold, and keeps breaking its own records. The Khairatabad Ganesh idol is the tallest Ganesh idol in the world during Ganesh chaturthi.

Last year, the idol stood at a staggering height of 66 feet, and if everything was normal, this year’s idol would have been taller. However, the current situation of Coronavirus in the city is less than promising, and the concerned authorities do not want to take a chance.

According to the latest reports, this year’s Khairatabad Ganesh idol will be 27 feet tall, and will be made of clay, instead of plaster of Paris like every other year.

Telangana has one of the highest rates of growth, with respect to Coronavirus, in the country. The state has already reported more than 17,000 cases, and nearly 1,000 cases are being reported on a daily basis.

Hyderabad is the most affected, contributing to more than 90% of the cases that are being reported on a daily basis.