Will Pawan Kalyan skip Tirupati by-election also?

Saturday, November 21st, 2020, 02:17:21 AM IST

Janasena supremo Pawan Kalyan announced that his party will not contest in GHMC elections and will support its ally BJP. Janasena will not contest in any of the 150 wards in GHMC area.

Now, it is unclear if JanaSena will repeat a similar feat in Tirupati by-election as well.

It is known that Janasena and BJP are in an alliance in Andhra Pradesh and will be jointly contesting in the election.

The big question is, will Pawan Kalyan skip fielding a candidate in Tirupati by-election and announce his full support to whichever candidate BJP fields?

BJP is yet to finalize the candidate for the by-election and neither did Janasena. We need to wait till the election schedule is out to know if JanaSena will be given a chance to field its candidate in the by-election.

Today, YCP announced that it will be fielding Dr. Gurumurthy for the by-election. TDP has already stated that Panabaka Lakshmi will be the party candidate.