Will Rajni keep his promise at least this time?

Thursday, December 3rd, 2020, 06:38:44 PM IST

Kollywood Superstar Rajnikanth surprised all of his fans when he announced his political entry way before the Coronavirus pandemic. However, his announcement itself caused a lot of controversy, with several people calling Rajnikanth a coward. This was because Rajni said that he would be a supporting factor, and that he would make someone else the CM candidate.

After a long gap, it has now been revealed by Rajni himself, that he would make an official announcement regarding his political career, on December 31st, and that he would be launching his party in January 2021.

Fans of Rajni are now hoping that he would not disappoint anyone this time, and that he would make an announcement that would give a strong answer to everyone who has ever criticized him.