Worst cyclone in 70 years to hit Mumbai!

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020, 03:14:59 PM IST

The city of Mumbai is undoubtedly the financial capital of India and a city of dreams for lakhs and crores of people in India. However, the city has been suffering the most due to the current Coronavirus pandemic.

Mumbai is now awaiting another disaster in the form of a cyclone. The cyclone Nisarga is expected to hit the west coast very soon. This is the first cyclone that Mumbai has had to face in 70 years, and this is the worst time ever.

At least 1,00,000 people are being evacuated to safety, including Coronavirus patients. All of the recently built field hospitals for Coronavirus are being safeguarded against the cyclone.

While all the slum dwellers and other poor and homeless people are being evacuated to safety, the status of the rich is not any better.

Many of the rich have to weekend getaway homes in Alibaug, which is expected to have a landfall during this cyclone.

The last time a cyclone hit Mumbai was in 1948 when it killed 12 people and injured more than 100. Cyclone Nisarga is expected to hit Mumbai during the evening today.