Yamini Sadineni reveals the reason why she left TDP

Saturday, November 9th, 2019, 09:31:55 AM IST

Yamini Sadineni was one of the most active spokespersons for Telugu Desam Party over the past five years or so. However, she left the party two days ago.

When asked why she had to quit TDP after serving as a key leader for many years, Yamini made an interesting remark.

“Chandrababu is my role model and I admire him a lot. But I suffered a lot due to the internal clashes in TDP. I took them to Chandrababu’s notice but he never responded to them. That is the reason why I decided to leave TDP and join in BJP,” she said.

Yamini further added that TDP leaders from all 13 districts in Andhra Pradesh are joining in BJP along with her. However, she did not reveal the exact date when she will be taking the saffron oath.