YCP finally accepts TDP’s challenge

Thursday, January 23rd, 2020, 03:00:20 AM IST

For a while now, YSRCP has been alleging that the Telugu Desam Party which was previously in power encouraged insider trading. They kept claiming that the yellow party allotted lands to it’s close aides even before announcing Amaravati as the capital.

In response to that, Telugu Desam Party challenged the ruling party to prove their insider trading allegation. There has been no progress in this regard ever since.

Incidentally, YSRCP has finally accepted TDP’s challenge as a resolution to probe insider trading prior to the construction of Amaravati was passed in Andhra Pradesh assembly yesterday.

The home minister of Andhra Pradesh Mekatoti Sucharitha passed the resolution and it will be coming to effect soon. An in-depth investigation will be held soon and various TDP leaders might be questioned in the process.