YCP MLA calls Pawan Kalyan a mental patient

Saturday, February 27th, 2021, 06:37:53 PM IST

Yesterday, Pawan Kalyan referred to YSRCP Bheemavaram MLA Grandhi Srinivas as a stray dog. He said the YCP MLA will get the treatment that he deserves in the days to come.

Today, Grandhi Srinivas reciprocated in equally harsh manner.

“I am not a stray dog but Pawan Kalyan is. That is the reason why he was chased away by the public in the two constituencies that he contested from. It is about time that he disappears from Andhra Pradesh politics. I am sure that he has lost mental balance. He is a mental patient,” Grandhi Srinivas said.

The YCP MLA went on to say that Janasena is irrelevant in Andhra Pradesh politics and added that ruling party YSRC will continue to be in power for another 30 years.

This war of words between Pawan Kalyan and Grandhi Srinivas has become a hot topic in Andhra Pradesh politics. We need to wait and see how Pawan Kalyan will react to Srinivas’s harsh comments.