YCP supporters disappointed with KCR’s decision

Thursday, March 26th, 2020, 03:00:50 AM IST

A few hours ago, the government of Telangana started issuing ‘No objection certificate’ for Andhra Pradesh natives, permitting them to leave Telangana.

However, Andhra Pradesh police halted everyone who attained NOC certificate at state border. The government of Andhra Pradesh had ordered the police department not to allow anyone into the state without prior notice.

The government of Andhra Pradesh made it clear to those coming into the state that they should either stay in government isolation wards for two weeks or return to where they came from.

YCP supporters are saying that the Telangana government gave NOCs even without coordinating with Andhra Pradesh government and that is a poor move.

YCP supporters on social media are visibly disappointed with the chief minister of Telangana KCR’s decision and they are making their opinions heard.