YS Jagan gives a big offer to CBN’s close friend

Thursday, November 21st, 2019, 10:17:23 AM IST

Rumors are rife that Telugu Desam Party senior leader KE Krishnamurthy and his brother Prathap will be joining in YSRCP soon.

According to a report, YCP chief YS Jagan offered a Rajyasabha member post to Krishnamurthy and the latter immediately accepted the proposal.

It is said that Krishnamurthy’s brother, Prathap will be bagging a key post as well.

Krishnamurthy previously served as deputy chief minister of Andhra Pradesh while Telugu Desam Party was in power. He is one of the close friends of Chandrababu Naidu but he has apparently decided to switch loyalties now.

Krishnamurthy’s departure can land TDP in all sorts of troubles in Kurnool district. Notably, the party did not even win a single MLA seat in Kurnool district in the recent election.