YS Sharmila hurt with lack of coverage from Sakshi

Thursday, April 15th, 2021, 04:55:13 PM IST

YS Sharmila is aspiring to become a formidable force in Telangana politics and has been planning her political events accordingly. She took part in a Deeksha opposing the government of Telangana’s lethargic approach to the rising unemployment rate in the state.

Interestingly enough, Sharmila openly took a dig at Sakshi media during the meeting.

“Sakshi media can move aside. Somehow they don’t give me enough coverage. Then what is the reason for shooting footage now?,” Sharmila commented while speaking in the meeting.

Well, it appears to be that Sharmila is deeply hurt with the lack of coverage from Sakshi. She openly expressed the same in today’s meeting.

YS Vijayamma who is seated alongside Sharmila is seen trying to stop her from speaking further against Sakshi.

It is known that Sakshi is a pro-YCP media house and is traditionally known for highlighting YS family.