Review: ABCD

After several postponements, Allu Sirish-starrer youthful entertainer, ABCD, has finally hit the screens today. Let’s see how it is.


In order to make him understand about life and the value of the money, an NRI father (Naga Babu) sends his son Avi(Sirish) along with his friend Basha(Bharat) to India and make sure they study MBA in a local college. In the meantime, Avi messes up with a local politician’s son in college issues. How will Avi handle further situations and counter his opponent? Will he emerge victorious in the process? How will Neha (Rushkar Dhillon) back up him in the entire scenario? To know this, you have to watch the film on the silver screen.


Director Sanjeev Reddy took the core point from Malayalam hit, American Born Confused Desi and tried to narrate it with our Telugu nativity. Though he succeeded partially in writing a few good humor scenes, overall the screenplay lacks proper punch in it. If he would have worked more on the narration part the result would have been much better.

Coming to lead artists performance, Allu Sirsh improved a lot compared to his previous films. He tried to generate fun through his confused character and did a decent job in emotional scenes as well. Yet another important character is Bharat, who essayed the hero’s friend role. His tried to evoke good laughs with his comedy timing.

Heroine Rushkar Dhillon is cute on the screen and did her part nicely. Naga Babu is convincing in the given father role. Two songs are canned beautifully. Raja Chembolu is decent in his role which has negative shades in it.

Plus Points:

Comedy scenes in the First half

Sirish-Bharat’s performances

Minus Points:

Second half

Vennela Kishore’s role wasted


All in all, ABCD is a simple story of an NRI youth, who comes to India and gets involved in various social issues. A few fun scenes between the Sirish and Bharat are good in the first half but the narration in the second half becomes a bit serious and takes various turns with too many threads and makes a tedious watch.

Rating : 2.5/5

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