Review : Bandobast

Tamil Suriya’s action thriller, Kaappaan, is titled Bandobast in Telugu. Directed by KV Anand, the film has hit screens today. Let’s see how it fares.


In a suspicious manner, Prime Minister of India Mr. Chandrakanth Varma (Mohanlal) gets assassinated in a terrorist attack. In order to unearth the mystery behind PM’s death, PMO Personal Security Officer Kathir (Suriya) starts an investigation regarding Varma’s case. In the process, Kathir comes to know that various terrorist groups are involved in the tragedy. How are Boman Irani and Arya interlinked with the death case? How Suriya deals the case and puts the culprits behind the bars forms the rest of the story.


Star hero Suriya perfectly fits the bill in his role of an NSG Commando and delivered an impressive performance. Right from his looks to mannerisms, Suriya gave his best and stands as the major USP of the movie.

Senior actor Mohanlal is believable in his dignified, high-profile role and does a decent job in the limited screentime. Arya as PM’s son is good and gives a subtle performance throughout the film. Heroine Sayyeshaa gets a meaty role and she shines with her performance in the second half.

Bollywood actor Boman Irani is okay as the mighty industrialist and keeps the proceedings engaging with his performance.

Coming to the director, KV Anand has picked up a decent storyline which is related to the national safety and executed it by sticking to the genre. He manages to take off the proceedings on an interesting note, but the pace eventually drops in the second half.

Since most of the film is a serious drama, there is no scope for relief elements like comedy and songs.

Plus Points:

Suriya’s screen presence
Mohanlal, Arya and Boman Irani’s performances

Minus Points:

Serious drama


Too many action sequences (attacks)


All in all, Bandobast is a serious thriller which has a decent first half. Though Suriya, Mohanlal, Arya give impressive performances, lack of depth in the second half followed by a lengthy runtime makes the film a below-average fare.

Rating: 2.5/5

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