Review : Chanakya

Action hero Gopichand’s Spy-thriller Chanakya has raised curiosity among the audience with its interesting promos. Directed by Thiru, the film has hit the screens today. Let’s analyze it.


Arjun(Gopichand) an undercover RAW agent slips into a bank employee role to accomplish a secret mission. In the process, he kills a few sleeper cells in Indian and targets a deadly Pakistan terrorist named Qureshi. How will Arjun face-off Qureshi? What kind of troubles will Arjun face in the entire scenario? forms the rest of the story.


Director Thiru tried to narrate a spy drama with an ample amount of action in it. Though the introduction scenes are canned on an engaging note, later the film falls flat with routine narration due to poor direction.

The action part designed and executed in Pakistan backdrop looks authentic and realistic. All the twists unveiled in the second half are okay but unknowingly the pace of the film drops during the course in time.

Coming to the lead artists’ performance, Gopichand as an undercover RAW agent is good with a nice makeover. He tried his best to portray the role and even did risky stuns in an impressive manner. Heroine Mehreen is cute on the screen but she has nothing much to do in the film.

Bollywood girl Zareen Khan is okay in the supporting role. But her dance moves in special song Hookah Bar are bad and she also looked aged. A few comedy scenes featuring Ali and Sunil evoke decent laughs in the first half.

Plus Points:


Production values



Lack of commercial elements

Boring screenplay


All in all, Chanakya is a spy drama that could have been presented in a much better way but the director fails to execute it in a convincing manner. Lack of commerciality and ineffective taking makes it a below-average fare at the box office.

Rating: 2.5/5

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