Review : Evaru

Adivi Sesh has only been giving back to back hits in the last year or so. He is now back with his new film Evaru. Also starring Regina as the main lead, this film is out in the open. Let’s see how it is.


The story is quite simple. Sameera(Regina) is a rich businesswoman who is brutally raped by Ashok(Naveen Chandra). In her defense, she kills Ashok and gets framed in a murder case. As she is rich, she hires a cop Vikram(Adivi Sesh) to help her in the case. Why did Ashok rape Sameera in the first place? How will Vikram save Sameera with his criminal mind? To know this, you have to watch the film.


The film is the remake of the hit Spanish film The Invisible Guest which was later remade in Hindi as Badla. But credit should go to Adivi Sesh for making key changes in the film. The film starts with an investigative mode and becomes a suspense drama later on.

The screenplay is the hero here as the narration by director Venkat Ramji keeps the audience guessing as to what is going to happen next. The moment you think, the film is nearing its end, superb twists are brought in time and again. The mind games played between Regina and Sesh are superb.

The second half of the film is where all the action happens and things become engaging. Added to this, the performance by Regina is the highlight of the film. She as the deceptive Sameera gives her career-best performance.

The twist in the climax is unexpected and needs applause. The film looks rich in every which way as the confrontation drama is nicely shot with god production values. Thrillers need a crisp runtime and the same happens here as the twists are plenty and thrill you completely.

Plus Points:

Second Half
Regina, Ses performance

Minus Points:

Dull scenes before the interval
Not for Mas audience


Thrillers mostly have one big twist which is only revealed at the end of the film. Till then, to entertain the audience, the narration should be taut and gripping with a solid screenplay. Evaru has everything and keeps you guessing all the time. Solid performances by Regina and Sesh, engaging drama and crisp runtime makes this film a thrilling watch this weekend. Go watch it. You will not be disappointed.

Rating: 3.5/5

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