Review : Chitralahari

Mega hero Sai Tej, who is desperately waiting for a good break has come up with a new film called Chitralahari. Directed by Kishore Tirumala, the film has hit the screens today. Let’s check how it is.

Story :

Chitralahari is the life story of a guy called Vijay(Sai Tej). Being a talented person, Vijay lags behind the race and his love story with Lahari(Kalyani) also has its own reservations. In order to succeed in life, Vijay takes help of Swecha(Nivetha) corporate working women for his startup idea. Rest of the story what kind of hurdles will Vijay go through in this process? Will he patch up with his girl Lahari? To know the answer to all these questions, you have to catch the film in the theaters near you.

Analysis :

Director Kishore Tirumala’s storyline line is simple and tried to narrate the film based on five important characters. His narration is slow during the first half but the latter half has a few connecting scenes for youth. In one word, Kishore Tirumala succeded partially is executing the film.

Coming to artists performance, Sai Tej is good in his role as a desperate guy. He improved a lot compared to the previous film and his beard looks add freshness to the character he portrayed. Kalyani as a reserved girl and Nivetha as an independent woman did justice to their roles.

Sunil gets a meaty role and performed convincingly in the given role. Vennal Kishore shines yet again in his hilarious role. His part in the second half is a plus for the film. Finally, Posani as Sai’s father is good and delivers a natural performance.

Plus Points :

Tej’s balancing act

Kalyani and Nivetha

Posani’s role

Minus Points :

Sai’s physique


Slow narration

Verdict :

All in all, Chitralahari is a simple story which works at parts. Though the film has a slow narration, the proceedings during the second half look engaging with nice emotional content. Overall, the film is an easy one time watch.

Rating : 3/5

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