Review : Gang Leader

Nani’s revenge drama, Gang Leader was carrying a decent buzz among the audience. Directed by Vikram K Kumar, the film has hit the screens today. Let’s check how it is.


Post a sensational bank heist, a lady gang( women of different age groups) approaches a revenge story writer named Pencil(Nani) for help. After a brief discussion, Pencil accepts to take charge as the gang leader and starts an investigation about the robbery. In this process, Nani finds out that a car racer named Dev(Karthikeya) is involved in all this. Who is this Dev? How is he related to the bank robbery? What is the connection between the lady gang and bank robbery? To know this, you have to catch the film in theaters near you.


Like his previous films, Vikram K Kumar has come up with a novel plot which is narrated on a lighter note and has enough dose of fun. The first half of the film offers good entertainment to the audience. In the second half, the film turns out into a full-fledged revenge drama and the twists and turns will totally shock the audience with an edge of the seat narration.

But the pace of the film drops during the pre-climax once all the twists are revealed. Coming to the artists performance, as usual, Nani delivers yet another natural performance in his given role. He is at ease win his role and carries the film on his shoulders. His chemistry with the lady gang worked perfectly as all the combination scenes have come out well.

Young hero Karthikeya is superb in his stylish role which has negative shades in it. His dialogue delivery and mannerisms are completely new and have been showcased superbly in the film.

Lady gang featuring senior actors Laxmi, Sharanya, and the other two girls are decent in their roles. Heroine Priyanka makes an impressive debut and looks beautiful in the film.

Star comedian Vennela Kishore is okay in his funny role. Hoyna Hoyna song has been shot beautifully.

Plus Points:

Nani and Karthikeya

Different storyline and twists

Anirudh’s background score

Minus Points:

The film’s pace drops during pre-climax

Lack of romance track


All in all, Gang Leader is a gritty revenge drama which has a novel point. Nani and Karthikeya’s superb acting, racy narration in the second half, good twists and turns will thrill the audience completely. Except for a slow pre-climax, this film has it all and will end up as a good watch this weekend.

Rating: 3.5/5

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