Review : HIT

HIT starring Viswaksen and Ruhani Sharma in the lead roles has raised curiosity among the audience with its intriguing promos. Directed by deubant Dr. Sailesh Kolanu, the film has hit the screens today. Let’s analysis it.


Vikram Rudraraju(Viswak Sen), a HIT ( Homicide Intervention Team ) officer, who had a bad past sufferes with panic attacks probelm. In the present senario, along with his team, Vikram starts investigation on the missing case of Neha (Ruhani Sharma). In the process, he comes across yet another missing case of a girl named Preeti and starts investigating on it too. Will Vikram traces the mystery behind the missing cases? Is there any connection between the two missing cases? What is the bad past of Vikram and how is it connected with the his present situations? To know that, you have to catch the film in the theater.


Firstly, director Dr. Sailesh should be appreciated for trying something new with his debut film. His way of presentation and executation are totally impressive.

The film’s theme and setup give the audience a fresh feel and makes them involve in the narration from the very first scene. The pin point deatiling adding with some brillant sounding gives a new experience to the viewers and keeps them hooked. The intense investigation scenes and the suspense factor will make the audience stick to the seats till the end.

Coming to the artists performances, Vishwaksen as a tough cop is impressive and did his job prefectly. His makeover and body language are good and apt for the role.

Heroine Ruhani Sharm, Brahmaji, senior actor Banuchandar are decent in their respective roles.

Plus Points:

Racy screenplay

Outstanding background score

Viswaksen’s acting

Minus Points:

Serious narration

No commerical elemts


All in all, HIT is nicely executed investigating thriller that offeres a new kind of expericnce to the audience. Racy screenplay and the stricking background score are the major plus points for the film. If you ignore the serious narration, HIT will end up as a good watch for the weekend.

Rating: 3.5/5

HIT Telugu Movie Review