Review : Jersey

Natural star Nani’s emotional sports drama, Jersey is carrying good buzz among the audience. Directed by Gautam Tinnanuri, the film has hit the screens today. Let’s check how it is.


Arjun(Nani), who abruptly stops his Cricket journey due to family commitments decides to reboot his career after 10 years gap. Will, he succeeds with his attempts to play for the team India again? What kind of hurdles will Arjun face in the meantime? Is narrated in a highly emotional manner.


Director Gautam Tinnanuri cleverly revealed the film story in the trailer itself but his narration is so authentic with a soulful emotional drama. The scenes between father-son have come out really well which can be termed as the main USP of the film. Though the narration is a bit slow at times, Gautam executed the proceedings in an engaging manner.

Coming to lead artists performance, Nani is brilliant in his role and shines yet again with his impressive performance throughout the film. Especially, his acting in emotional scenes is heart touching and bring a lot of depth.

Heroine Shraddha Srinath gets an author-backed role on her Tollywood debut film and delivers a settled performance. The kid, who acted in the son’s role is energetic on screen and did his part perfectly.

Other actors like Satyaraj and Sampath are apt in their given roles. Anirudh Ravichander’s music and background score elevate the scenes nicely.

Plus Points:

Emotional content

Nani’s performance

Father-son thread


Slow at times

Lack of commercial elements


All in all, Jersey is an emotional journey of cricketer called Arjun. Nani takes the lead and drives things with his brilliant performance but the pace of the film may not go well with all section of the audience. If you ignore the pace of the film, Jersey is a must watch for this weekend.

Rating : 3.5/5

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