Review : Majili

Majili, Akkineni couple Naga Chaitanya and Samantha’s first film after marriage is carrying good expectations among the audience. Directed by Shiva Nirvana, the film has hit the screens today. Let’s check whether it managed to impress or not.


Purna(Naga Chaitanya) an aspiring teenage cricketer falls for Anshu(Divyansha Kaushik) and eventually love blooms between them. When everything is going well their love life, they will get separated by parents. Later, painful and heart broke Purna will marry Sravani(Samantha) due to some unavoidable situations. Rest of the story is how will Purna adjust with Sravani in the married life? Will he recognize her important and how their journey continues further? To know this, you have to watch the film in theaters.


Director Shiva Nirvana, who succeeded in narrating a bit complicated concept with his first film Ninnu Kori has come up with yet another interesting point on marriage and relationships. His story has a right mix of love, friendship and family emotions but offers heavy melodrama at times. In the first half, there is a scope to insert a good comedy track between the friend’s gang but Shiva preferred to keep it to the point.

Coming to lead artists, Chaitanya delivers an impressive performance as a teenage Cricketer and a matured Cricket coach. His looks during flashback episode are refreshing. New girl Divyansha Kaushik is adorable and performed her role beautifully. Her expressions and innocent looks add a special flavor to the flashback.

Last but not least, star heroine Samantha as a better half of Chay is the show stealer. She literally lived in Sravani role and brings a lot of depth to the proceedings. She balanced the given role with matured performance.

Posani Krishna Murali and Rao Ramesh are good in their given respectable roles. Two songs are visually good on screen.

Plus Points:

Songs and BGM
Samantha’s screen presence

Minus Points:

Lack of emotions in key scenes
A few lag scenes in the latter half
Slow and old style narration


All in all, Majili is a life journey of a painful person called Purna. The film highlights the importance of mutual understanding in married life and gives a nice message to the current generation. The film has a very good storyline but it is not executed in so effective manner and will end up as a good one time watch for this festival weekend.

Rating : 3/5

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