Review : Palasa 1978

Palasa 1978 is a film that has created a decent buzz for itself. The film has hit the screens today and let’s see how it is going to be.

Story  :

The film is set in the small town of Palasa, Srikakulam district in the year 1978. The village is filled with politics of upper caste people suppressing the lower cast. Rakshit and his brother are from the lower caste and start revolting against the atrocities of Guru Murthy(Raghu Kunche) and his brother. Things take so many turns as the brothers are exploited and pitted against each other. How do the downtrodden brothers fight their battle and what happens at the end of the whole story of the film?

Analysis :

The film has a routine story to start off with but credit should go to director Karuna Kumar for setting it up beautifully in a small town. His work on the detail is superb as right from the slang to the locations, everything looks quite interesting. The performances of the lead pair on the other take things to another level altogether.

Raghu Kunche is the surprise package of the film as his villain’s act, music and BGM are superb. The message showcased in the film is superb and will connect to many. The first half of the film is gritty and has some very realistic action sequences. The film is aimed at the elite section who loves hard-hitting dramas. The film is filled with cuss words and is not for the regular movie watching family audience.

Director Karuna Kumar is surely a find as he manages his best to keep the viewers engaged most of the time with his earth approach. The camerawork and other technical aspects of the film are quite good and make up for an engaging watch most of the time.

Plus :

Action episodes

Minus :

Slow second half
Predictable second half

Verdict :

Content-based village dramas are quite less in Tollywood and after a while, a film called Palasa 1978 has come out. The film has a great premise added with good performances. This film is not for all but has a gritty screenplay that keeps its selected audience engaged most of the time. If you ignore the routine storyline of the film, such movies need to be appreciated as directors like Karuna Kumar will keep making earthy films that have their own charm.

Rating: 3/5

Palasa 1978 Telugu Movie review