Review : Raja Vaaru Rani Gaaru

Rajavaru Rani Garu is a film that has been creating a lot of noise from the past few days. The film has hit the screens today and let’s see how it is.


Raja(Kiran Abbavaram) is a small boy who loves his classmate Rani(Rahasya Gorak) to death but is very scared to reveal his love to her. His two friends force him to convey his love for Rani but Raja does not do it. After a point, Rani leaves the village and goes for higher studies. Years pass by but Raja keeps waiting all the time. After a point, Rani comes back to the village and Raja’s love story kick starts once again. Will Raja reveals his never-ending love to Rani/ Will there be any obstacles? To know the film, you need to watch the film.


The film has an old school charm and is set up quite well. The village atmosphere, the narration and moments are vintage and have been handled well. The way the hero’s role is etched is very good and debutante Kiran does a wonderful job in his role as a shy lover. The slow-motion shots, a breezy comedy take up all the first half.

The comedy is pretty good throughout the film. Rajkumar Kasi Reddy and the other actor who played the hero’s friends are a major attraction and hold the film quite well. The heroine Rahasya looks beautiful and does what is expected of her. The camerawork is just amazing and showcases the village atmosphere well.

The first half has very good moments and has been etched effectively. But the problem arises in the second half as the director does not hold on to the script well. He adds dull moments. The lead pair spends good time with each other but never express their feeling. Such scenes are filled in this part making the movie look over the top.

The proceedings during this time are also dull and nothing exciting happens at all and the climax is ended on a very predictable note. If the maker would have added a good second half, things would have been good.

Plus Points:

Artists performance
production values

Minus Points:

Second Half
Old story
Dull Climax


Rajavaru Rani Garu has a very good premise and is narrated quite well for the most part. The performances are good as the film is filled with much breezy heart touching moments. But all this fizzles out in the second half as the story runs out of steam as the good story and narration slow down. The film has surely some good comedy and can be given a shot but be prepared for the slow proceedings and predictable storyline.

Rating: 2.5/5