Review : RDX Love

RDX Love is Payal Rajput’s first female-oriented film which has hit the screens today. Let’s see if it has anything interesting in store for us.

Story :

Alive(Payal Rajput) and her gang of five always do good for the government and promote their welfare schemes. But behind all this, there is a special motive for these women. All this is known with the entry of hero(Tejus) whom Payal uses of a scapegoat and fulfills what Alivelu is set out to. Well, what is her goal and how does she fulfill is the story of the film.

Analysis :

The film is all about a special social which the heroine fights for the village. All this is nice to listen but to make possible, the audience is put through a horrible test of some routine scenes and vulgar comedy which sinks the first half. Payal Rajput is superb in her role and provides good eye candy but that is not enough as the film does not have anything meaningful.

The makers drag the film to no extent and make it a boring watch right after the first fifteen minutes itself. Aditya Menen is good as the villain but he is brought way too late in the proceedings. The film makes sense only in the last fifteen minutes and by then, the audience gets exhausted.

There are some emotional scenes like the Kabadi match which has been dealt with well. The film has some good moments but they do not create any impact on the audience as the motive is put behind most of the time and unnecessary elements take center stage.

Payal Rajput

Kabadi Scene

Wayward direction

Lengthy runtime

Boring scenes


Overall, RDX Love is a film that has a strict few good scenes and some glamor show from Payal which can click with the masses. Except for this, the film is lengthy, boring and outdated for the most part and showcases nothing new. So, watch it only for Payal Rajput as there is nothing else that clicks here.

Rating: 2.5/5

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