Review : Saaho

Rebel star, Prabhas’ biggest action extravaganza, Saaho is carrying huge buzz among the audience and trade circles. Being helmed by the young filmmaker Sujeeth, the film has hit the screens worldwide today. Let’s see whether it lives up to all its hype or not.


In order to find the mystery behind a massive robbery, Mumbai police take the help of an undercover cop named Ashok(Prabhas). Amrita Nair (Shraddha Kapoor) also joins the team as a crime branch officer to deal with the whereabouts of the case. But a few unexpected developments in the plot leads to the search of a Black Box? What is this Black Box? Will Ashok trace the mystery behind this robbery? To know this, you have to catch the film in the theaters near you.


Undoubtedly, Rebel star Prabhas is the biggest advantage for this screenplay based film. He takes charge from the very first scene and carries the given role with his superlative screen presence. The 6 feet 3-inch macho perfectly fits into his stylish role and delivers a splendid performance.

Heroine Shraddha Kapoor is also equally good in her powerful role and does her part effortlessly. A few emotional and love scenes between the lead pair in the first half have been executed nicely.

Interval bike chase is racy and is canned in international standards. The twist revealed during the interval point is an expected one but Prabhas’ swag makes the scene engaging. Production values of the film are top-notch and Ghibran’s BGM needs special mention.

Coming to director Sujeeth, he tried to make a Dhoom kind of a film and hence neglected his focus on the storyline and narration. His concentration on the action episodes has totally diluted the film’s proceedings.

All the twists unveiled in the film look expected and fail to create an impact on the audience. Also, all the bunch of Bollywood actors who portray various roles, are wasted in weak subplots.


Action sequences


Lack of gripping story
Boring narration
Expected twists


All in all, Saaho is a stylish action entertainer which engages in parts. Prabhas’s screen presence and breathtaking visuals will entertain the audience but lack of storyline and dull screenplay play spoilsport making it a below-average fare at the box office. Watch it with low expectations.

Rating: 2.5/5

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