Review : Suryakantam

Niharika and Rahul Vijay’s romantic comedy, Suryakantam, is out for the public viewing all over today. Let’s check how it is.


Due to commitment fear in the relationship, Suryakantam(Niharika) goes away from her boyfriend Abhi(Rahul Vijay). Done and dusted with the past, Abhi decides to start a new journey with yet another girl called Pooja (Perlene). As a twist in Rahul’s life, Suryakantam comes back again in his life. Rest of the story is how Rahul handles the two girls? What is the conflict point in the narration? To know this, you have to watch the film in theaters.


Debut director Pranith Bramandapally played a safe game by picking up a simple rom-com triangle love story as his first film. He tried to present the film in a funny manner. He succeeded to an extent with the execution part also.

Coming to artists performance, Niharika as Suryakantam is outstanding in her role and delivered good performance. She carried way the given role which is the main USP of the film. Hero Rahul Vijay improved a lot compared to the film and did a decent job. Yet another heroine Perlene is cute and did her part convincingly.

Plus Points:

Fun elements

Niharika’s acting


Minus Points:

Lack of emotional depth

A few unwanted scenes in the latter half


All in all, Suryakantam is a new age rom-com which has a simple storyline narrated in a funny manner. Niharika’s acting and a few romantic scenes between lead pair are good. The triangle love tale will attract the youth audience.

Rating : 3/5

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