Review : Thipparaa Meesam

Actor Sree Vishnu is back with yet another different film, titled Thippara Meesam. Directed by Asura fame Krishna Vijay, the film has hit the screens today. Let’s check how it goes.


Mani(Sree Vishnu) a drug addict grows up with the anger on his mother (Rohini). He loves to stay away from his mother and lead a joyful life with friends. Eventually, he even gets habituated to illegal betting and falls in risk unknowingly. What is the risk factor that disturbs Mani’s life? Why Mani grow up with anger on his mother? Will he be able to sort out all the issues towards the end? Forms the rest of the tale.


Looks like director Krishna Vijay focused more on making a stylish film as the movie has a very thin storyline. The entire first half of the movie runs on establishing Sree Vishnu’s character with an abrupt narration. Along with the stylish making, director Krishna Vijay would have concentrated on writing a better screenplay for a nice output. Adding to it, the runtime of the film also tests the audience’s patience and he would have narrated the proceedings on a crisp note.

Coming to artist performances, Sree Vishnu is good in his role which has multiple shades in it. His acting during the climax portion and stylish makeover will be loved by the audience. Actress Rohini gets a meaty role and delivers impressive performance.

All the mother-son related scenes are executed in a decent manner. Especially, the court scenes are narrated in an intense and emotional manner.

Lastly, heroine Nikki Tamboli is cute on-screen and her chemistry with Sree Vishnu is appealing. She has done justice to the given role in the limited screen time.

Plus Points:

Last ten minutes of the film

Cinematography and Music

Minus Points:

No story

Lack of strong conflict point


All in all, Thippara Meesam is a stylish entertainer the lacks proper story in it. Sree Vishnu’s makeover and a few scenes between the mother and son are executed nicely but the abrupt narration and ineffectively screenplay make it a below-average fare at the box office.

Rating: 2/5