Review : Uppena

Uppena is one of the most awaited films that has made its way to the theatres today. Let’s see whether it lives up to the hype or not.

Story :

Aasi(Vaishnav Tej) and Baby(Kriti Shetty) are based in a small village and belong to two different worlds. They fall in love but this does not go well with Baby’s dad played by Vijay Sethupati. In such a time, the couple elope and create more tensions. How will they survive their issues is the story of Uppena.

Analysis :

The story is set in a small town and as shown in the teasers, is about a poor boy and rich girl. All this is established quite well in the beginning of the film through Vijay Sethupati’s character. But what attracts you is the lead pair and their chemistry. Upon this, the songs are great and the romance is endearing.

The debut director Buchi Babu nicely blends the story in the first half. But when you think the film is getting quite routine, he brings in a surprise at the end and wraps the film with a good twist. The film has good drama but is filled with some routine moments as well. The lead pair does so well with their performances and are superb for their debut film.

Plus Points :

Solid Music
Lead Pair performance
Lead pair chemistry

Minus Points :

Slow second half
A slightly dull Vijay Sethupati
Routine love scenes of eloping

Verdict :

Uppena is a film that has a very good premise but a routine story. But the taking, songs, and performances make things interesting. If you ignore the slow pace, this film ends as a decent watch this weekend.

Rating: 3/5